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Calculating VMware Migration Costs

When IT considers a VMware alternative, calculating VMware migration costs is critical in understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO). The path to the alternative should be seamless and staged so the organization can transition at a comfortable pace, but IT should determine that pace,…

The TCO of a VMware Alternative

Discover how the right VMware Alternative can dramatically lower the total cost of ownership by streamlining operations, reducing hardware costs, and offering flexible upgrade paths, leading to more efficient and scalable infrastructure management.

Five VMware Migration Questions

Once IT decides to make the switch, it must answer five VMware migration questions before completing the transition. Of course, before you even get to migration, you need to make sure that your potential new hypervisor will help you reduce costs both upfront and long-term….

A Simpler VMware Alternative

Delve into the complexities surrounding VMware and its open-source alternatives. Discover how VergeOS revolutionizes this space with its unified codebase, intuitive GUI, flexible hardware requirements, and simplified licensing.

The True Cost of VMware Essentials

Despite its attractive price point, the true cost of VMware Essentials is a significant issue for IT professionals managing small to mid-sized data centers. It’s critical that IT professionals understand the cost of overcoming the restrictions that VMware places on the product. These limitations may…

Developing a VMware Exit Plan

The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom and the cold reality of this week’s layoffs make developing a VMware exit plan the new top priority for IT professionals. However, transitioning to a new virtualization platform can be a daunting task. With careful planning and execution…

VMware Alternative Cost-Benefit Analysis

One of the more critical steps when exiting VMware is performing a VMware alternative cost-benefit analysis. Every VMware alternative should have a lower license cost, but they should also have additional benefits that lower the total cost of ownership upfront and in the future. You…

A Step-by-Step VMware Exit

Once IT professionals identify a VMware alternative, the next phase is to develop a step-by-step VMware exit strategy. We talk with VMware customers multiple times a day, and they want to take advantage of VergeOS’ performance, ransomware resiliency, and, of course, 70%+ cost savings, but…

The Impact of VMware’s Inefficiency

As IT professionals delve deeper into VMware’s intricacies, they realize the impact of VMware’s inefficiency that increases costs beyond just licensing. This blog explores the layers of data center infrastructure, hyperconverged inefficiencies, networking challenges, and storage woes that VMware users often face. Discover how VergeOS, an ultraconverged infrastructure solution, eliminates these hurdles, providing a more efficient, cost-effective alternative that simplifies operations and unleashes the true potential of your data center.

Exit VMware Without a Server Refresh

According to our recent survey, one of the requirements of any VMware alternative is to exit VMware without a server refresh. IT leaders are driving this requirement for three primary reasons: Why, then, does VMware require customers to upgrade to go through a server refresh…