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Overcoming HCI Shortcomings

Explore how Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) falls short as a VMware alternative, and discover VergeIO’s UltraConverged Infrastructure (UCI), VergeOS, a superior solution offering better CPU and storage performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Learn about UCI’s cohesive codebase and its advantages over traditional three-tier architectures.

Why HCI Doesn’t Simplify IT?

Learn why HCI doesn’t simplify IT and how ultraconverged infrastructures can fulfill and extend the promises of HCI.

HCI isn’t an Infrastructure

A flexible infrastructure must be able to scale small and large and manage different types of nodes. Learn why HCI can’t meet these requirements in a single solution while UCI, particularly VergeOS, can. Discover how VergeOS allows for starting small with as few as two nodes, scaling up to over a hundred nodes while also integrating different hardware types into the same instance.

HCI as a VMware Alternative

Explore how VergeOS emerges as the compelling choice for IT professionals considering HCI as a VMware alternative. With better data protection, seamless migration, and improved performance, VergeOS’ UCI approach surpasses standard HCI solutions in meeting crucial requirements and delivering a superior experience.

Overcome the Aging IT Hardware Challenge

IT Professionals, especially those working within mid-sized data centers, must overcome the aging IT hardware challenge. In years past, the solution was to buy new hardware, which is more complicated than it sounds since it sets off a whole round of research and vendor evaluations….

How to Get Fast ROI on HCI Refreshes

Customers using hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) are starting to deal with aging installations and are looking for a fast ROI on HCI refreshes. Vendors like Nutanix and VMware, with vSAN, are instituting dramatic increases in renewal prices. They also overemphasize the cloud and only focus on…

The Full Value of Scale

For data centers, realizing the full value of scale requires a single infrastructure that can scale in multiple dimensions and address multiple use cases. Customers today can select a legacy, single-dimension, scale-out strategy like hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). However, they then experience scale-out sprawl because they…

Scaling Infrastructure in Three Dimensions

Scaling infrastructure in three dimensions lowers the cost of equipping, operating, and upgrading the data center. The problem is that traditional three-tier (compute, storage and networks) can’t scale beyond a single silo. IT professionals will also find that even hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) falls short if…

Move Beyond HCI to UCI

VergeIO’s VergeOS is ultraconverged software that enables IT to move beyond HCI to UCI. Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) is complete convergence. Instead of layering virtualization, storage, and networking into a node, UCI integrates the three tiers into a cohesive operating environment that increases efficiency while reducing…