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Data Center Multi-Tenancy

Explore data center multi-tenancy’s transformative potential for organizations of all sizes, not just service providers. Compare it with VLAN solutions, uncovering their strengths and limitations. Discover how VergeIO’s Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) revolutionize multi-tenancy with complete isolation, simplified management, and tailored use cases like disaster recovery and ransomware protection. Witness a new era in data center technology with VergeIO’s VDCs, meeting modern organizational needs with ease.

The Public Cloud as a VMware Alternative

If you’re looking for a VMware alternative with lower costs, superior performance, and excellent support, this blog explores if the Public Cloud meets these requirements. The article discusses the upfront and long-term costs of the Public Cloud, its performance, and the quality of support. Learn how VergeIO’s ultra-converged infrastructure with its powerful storage capabilities can offer a long-term cost advantage over the Public Cloud, VMware, and other alternatives. Schedule a test drive to experience VergeIO’s efficiency, data protection, and simplified operations firsthand.

How to Repatriate Cloud Workloads

The unpredictable cost of the Public Cloud and the difficulty in guaranteeing performance levels has many IT professionals trying to figure out how to repatriate cloud workloads or forcing them to re-examine their cloud migration strategies. There have been several high-profile examples of companies completely…

The value of knowing your Cloud Unit Cost Economics

When I was CEO of Online Tech (now Otava) we did a lot of unit cost economics on every service we sold. Each service had it’s own SKU. We had a few 100 of them. So, there was a SKU for a cloud server. There was a…