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Addressing vSAN Performance Issues

This article explores solutions for vSAN performance issues, emphasizing innovative infrastructure design and efficient resource allocation to optimize storage and network services.

Integrate HCI into a Three-Tier Architecture

Discover how VergeOS’ Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) offers a unique VMware alternative by seamlessly integrating with existing three-tier architectures. Explore its support for blade servers, FC SANs, external networks, and third-party backup solutions.

vSAN vs. Dedicated Arrays

The decision to use a vSAN vs. dedicated arrays is one that IT professionals continue to wrestle with. Despite the theoretical pricing and scaling advantages of a virtualized storage solution, dedicated storage arrays like All-flash SAN arrays or Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are still…

Exiting VMware to Eliminate High Storage Costs

VMware infrastructures are notorious for high storage costs. The discrepancy between the expected cost of expanding storage by using VMware vSAN or dedicated All-Flash Arrays and the vendor cost highlights the need for change. VergeIO disrupts this model with an ultra-converged infrastructure that reduces costs by utilizing existing server capabilities and optimizing storage efficiency.

The High Cost of Dedicated Storage

Discover the solution to the high cost of dedicated storage! VergeIO’s Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) eliminates inefficiencies of dedicated arrays and HCI. Learn how to say goodbye to expensive refresh cycles and embrace the future of truly converged infrastructure without compromise.

Snapshots or Clones for Data Protection?

Most storage solutions will provide IT professionals with either snapshots or clones for data protection, but are the differences between the two functions significant enough to make it part of your selection criteria? Like all things in IT, the answer depends.

The Total Cost of Replacing a SAN

Storage vendors force you to replace your storage system every four to five years, so understanding the total cost of SAN replacement is critical for IT professionals to learn. After all, replacing a SAN (storage area network) or NAS (network attached storage) has more expenses…