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Have a Secondary Hypervisor Ready

In today’s dynamic IT environment, it’s vital to have a secondary hypervisor ready. Beyond just disaster recovery, a secondary hypervisor can safeguard against unexpected licensing changes and ensure better hardware support. It enhances resiliency, simplifies DR operations, and provides robust support, all while potentially reducing costs and improving efficiency.

VMware DR Tools Assessment

Explore the essentials of VMware disaster recovery tools in our comprehensive guide. Learn to evaluate backup and recovery, array-based replication, and infrastructure-wide replication to enhance RPO, RTO, and cost-effectiveness. Discover how modern solutions should simplify DR processes and support seamless hypervisor transitions amidst evolving data center threats.

A VMware License Renewal Strategy

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has brought significant changes to VMware licensing, including potential price increases and a shift to a subscription model. IT professionals must develop a strategic plan for VMware license renewal to navigate these uncertainties. Learn how VergeIO’s ioProtect is viable disaster recovery solution, offering seamless integration and cost-effective protection against licensing disruptions and other more natural forms of disaster

Protecting a VMware Alternative

Explore key factors in choosing a VMware alternative that ensures robust data protection and application availability. This blog covers integrated data protection, automated application availability, advanced snapshot technology, holistic disaster recovery, and backup flexibility.

An Instant Recovery Upgrade

While instant recovery was a critical step forward, customers are now looking for an instant recovery upgrade. The next advancement of recovery needs to maintain its point-in-time independence while shrinking recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Traditional methods of data recovery can…

Overcome DR Cost and Complexity

IT professionals trying to implement disaster recovery (DR) plans that enable their organizations to survive, struggle to overcome DR cost and complexity. The problem is that most solutions don’t take a holistic approach. Instead, current solutions require IT to use a DR component for each…

Understanding VMware DR Components

Understanding VMware DR components allows IT professionals to dramatically reduce spending without compromising recoverability. There are four main components to a VMware disaster recovery (DR) strategy: The products you select for each of these components impact how much that component will cost and has a…

Preparing VMware for Minor Disasters

IT professionals often plan for major disasters like floods, fires, and hurricanes, impacting their VMware environment, but they also need to spend time preparing VMware for minor disasters. Unlike a major disaster, a minor disaster typically doesn’t require the organization to resume data center operations…

The HCI Disaster Recovery Problem

While hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) catches the attention of many IT professionals, the HCI Disaster Recovery problem, while seldom talked about, could be its greatest weakness. Proper HCI protection and disaster recovery typically require a separate infrastructure with its own software and hardware. This requirement complicates…

The HCI Disaster Recovery problem Creates High Risk of Failure