Delivers bare metal-like performance in a virtualized environment.


Simplifies your infrastructure to one unified solution reducing cost and management while increasing performance and security.


Reduces expenditures on hardware, software, and operational management.


Data protection through encryption both in-flight and at rest.


When you scale with software rather than hardware, you use less energy and take up less space.


Eliminates the complexity associated with moving applications between environments.


Total abstraction means hardware becomes a simple pool of liquid resources available for scale as needed.


Using cryptographic hashes similar to blockchain technology ensures data integrity.


Simplifies overall datacenter management improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Selected Use Cases

Workload Flexibility

Workload flexibility is determined by the freedom to scale and move workloads on-demand. Verge-OS removes the barriers to true workload flexibility by eliminating the complexity associated with moving workloads with application dependencies.

Disaster Recover

Disaster recovery is a native feature of Verge-OS. Entire virtual datacenters are replicated between Verge-OS environments. If the primary location goes down, recovery is simply a matter of bringing the secondary location online.

Cloud Strategy

Verge-OS provides ease of scale and portability while providing a consistent user experience in a hybrid cloud environment. This enables businesses to realize the true potential of the hybrid cloud strategy.

Edge Computing

Verge-OS can be installed on commodity bare metal providing the necessary on-prem performance and flexibility required by latency sensitive workloads.

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