Transform Your Data Center

Verge-OS is a single operating system that replaces all of the software titles that currently comprise your data center infrastructure. It requires only a generalist-level skill set to master and checks all the boxes for best-in-class data center virtualization.

Do More

With Less


IT infrastructure becomes portable, scalable, and resilient centers of IT workload management, with lower capital and operational costs.


(Up to 65% OPEX Savings)


Verge-OS simplifies the process of moving workloads between environments. With total data center abstraction comes the ability to instantly clone and move entire virtual data centers.


Scale-out can be done continually, as needs grow, without risk of outgrowing the architecture.


Verge-OS is designed to withstand events such as hardware malfunction, power failure, and cyber threats.


Verge-OS includes robust automation features to free IT personnel from time-intensive, redundant tasks.

Empower Staff

By providing all the tools in one place, Verge-OS equips each IT professional to perform tasks and solve problems end-to-end without the need for other resources.


The recipe engine allows rapid deployment of virtual data centers that are compliant with prior audited standards. Nest data centers of different compliance types as required to streamline operational efficiency.

with less

(Up to 75% CAPEX Savings)


Creating pools of resources from bare metal eliminates the equipment waste inherent to traditional islands of computing. Additionally, there is no need for proprietary equipment, allowing the customer to do more with less-expensive, commodity hardware.


By reducing the number of software licenses from many to one, Verge-OS not only significantly saves on the cost of software, but also the operational burden of managing multiple disparate vendors and the licensing administration associated with each.

Hardware Utilization

Flexible resource allocation and the ability to scale as needed, allow Verge-OS to extend the useful life of hardware without sacrificing performance.


Greener Data Centers

Verge-OS can maximize hardware efficiency and longevity to reduce physical footprint and energy consumption of the data center.