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VMware’s Licensing Paywall

Expose the hidden costs of VMware’s licensing paywall. Don’t be surprised by the additional expenses caused by the modular licensing model. Discover the true impact on your organization’s budget.

VMware’s Cost of Doing Nothing

Discover the hidden costs of sticking with VMware. While VMware’s pricing is already increasing, there are other factors to consider. Explore the inefficiencies of ESXi, which result in a virtualization tax and premature server refreshes. Uncover the limitations of VMware’s rigid hardware compatibility list and its impact on scalability. Most VMware alternatives fall short of solving these issues. However, VergeOS emerges as a cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich solution, offering superior performance and integration at a fraction of the cost.

Comparing VMware to VergeOS

Most of the questions in a recent event we did with Truth In IT were about comparing VMware to VergeOS. There were so many we couldn’t answer them all during the session. Since we think these are questions that even IT professionals who didn’t attend…

Lowering VMware DR Costs

As IT budgets tighten, an area to explore is lowering VMware DR costs. The costs to maintain a disaster recovery (DR) process and site add up quickly. Cutting costs, though tempting because it is rarely actually used, may put the organization at risk if a…