VergeIO Makes IT Hills Out of Mountains for SkiBig3

Company’s VergeOS replaces Hyper-V to enable more scalable and cost-effective data center infrastructure for vacation destination experts

Ann Arbor, Mich, August 22, 2023 — VergeIO, the Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company, today announced that SkiBig3 has selected the VergeOS platform over VMware and public cloud options for its enhanced data protection and the ability to scale quickly to meet the organization’s continued growth.

SkiBig3 works on behalf of ski resorts in Banff National Park – Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort and Mt. Norquay. With the goal to make the organizing and booking of winter ski vacations to Banff and Lake Louise as easy and stress-free as possible, SkiBig3 vacation planners help visitors find the best ski and stay packages at the most competitive rates through both its website and through its in-house reservation system. To make sure that SkiBig3 is able to build the perfect ski vacation for customers, it means that the IT systems have to work flawlessly.

SkiBig3 was looking to replace its Hyper-V solution with a more scalable and cost-effective data center infrastructure solution. The solution needed to provide enhanced data protection and make the organization more resilient to hardware failures or data loss events like ransomware. The company looked at VMware and the public cloud as potential alternatives but eventually selected VergeIO’s VergeOS because it provided better capabilities and better data resiliency at a lower cost.

VergeOS moves beyond legacy HCI configuration with its ultraconverged infrastructure (UCI), which integrates virtualization, storage, and networking into a single piece of software. This integration provides a high degree of efficiency that enables VergeOS to deliver more performance from existing hardware and a wider range of scale. VergeOS can scale up to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise and scale down to fit the constraints of the edge.

“VMware is so complex, you must be certified to have a chance of operating it,” said Mitch Matula, IT Manager at SkiBig3. “VergeOS, by comparison, is so easy to use you can figure out most tasks by clicking around in the GUI or going through the self-paced training on the VergeIO website. It is just one package instead of a never-ending list of add-ons.”

SkiBig3 is confident that VergeOS is a platform that will last for years, improve its data resiliency, and help it provide Banff-area visitors with the promised stress-free vacation experience. The goal for this coming year is to add a disaster recovery site, leveraging VergeIO’s global inline deduplication and replication to move data to a remote location.

“Without a system protecting against hardware failures and data loss, SkiBig3 customers’ ability to buy passes and packages could be severely impacted and make the promise of a stress-free experience impossible,” said George Crump, VergeIO CMO. “The benefits of VergeOS to provide complete application availability and data protection over other solutions like VMware and the public cloud was attractive to the SkiBig3 Board and overcome the IT challenges they faced with their Hyper-V environment. Our ability to provide a stress-free solution was a win-win for SkiBig3 and their Banff-area visitors.”

Join SkiBig3 and VergeIO live for an in-depth look at how one of the largest Ski Resorts in Canada is using VergeOS to reduce hardware acquisition costs, improve data resiliency, and simplify IT operations during our webinar “A Customer’s Journey: VMware, Cloud or VergeOS.”

About VergeIO
VergeIO is the Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company. Unlike hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), it rotates the traditional IT stack (compute, storage, and networking) into an integrated data center operating system, VergeOS. Its efficiency enables greater workload density on the same hardware with high levels of data resiliency. The result is dramatically lower costs and greatly simplified IT.

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Judy Smith, JPR Communications

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