Survey Reveals VMware Customers’ Top Concerns

Ann Arbor, Mich, September 26, 2023 — A recently conducted survey of hundreds of
VMware customers sheds light on growing concerns they have about the state of the
virtualization software and the company behind it – ranging from rising licensing costs,
ransomware vulnerabilities and a diminishing quality of support.

VergeIO, the Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company, spent two months surveying
and conducting in-person interviews with hundreds of existing VMware customers. The
results of the research have been released in a report entitled, “State of the VMware

Among the key issues found were:

Pricing Concerns – 84% of respondents indicated that they were concerned
about VMware’s current and future costs, with many highlighting “per-core”
renewal quotes and licensing agreements that require a commitment to year-
over-year spending increases as additional points of distress.

Ransomware Resiliency – With a rise in ransomware attacks exploiting specific
VMware vulnerabilities, 77% of customers worried about their data resiliency. A
number of those interviewed indicated that their VMware environments had
already suffered a ransomware attack, with recovery efforts taking more than 2
weeks despite having reasonable backup procedures in place.

Technical Support – 60% of customers expressed their concern with VMware’s
ability to provide high-quality technical support, with those interviewed stating the
difficulty in receiving support via phone calls. Others lamented slow response
times to emails during outages.

These survey results also come amidst rumors of VMware focusing on major enterprise
accounts with a shift towards a more expensive pricing model post the Broadcom
acquisition. Because of these concerns, more than 87% of respondents indicated that
they are currently researching alternative infrastructure platforms to VMware.
While rising prices were a top issue among VMware customers, a vast majority
indicated that they are unwilling to sacrifice capabilities in order to save money. Top
priorities of VMware replacement from those surveyed were seamless migration (76%),
ability to use existing hardware (72%) and the desire to do more with that existing
hardware (61%).

“Even before the Broadcom acquisition, customers have had concerns about VMware’s
pricing strategy and pace of development,” said George Crump, VergeIO CMO.

“VMware has built its offering through a series of technology acquisitions, resulting in a
solution that is bloated, complex and expensive. VergeIO takes a different approach.
VergeOS’ unified codebase streamlines the infrastructure, making it more scalable,
efficient, higher performing, less complex and easier to support – the very qualities that
respondents in the survey are looking for.”

Crump and VergeIO CEO Yan Ness will discuss the results of the report in an upcoming
webinar, “The State of the VMware Customer” which analyzes the results of the survey
and shows how VergeOS overcomes them. Registrants will receive a copy of the survey
in advance of the webinar. Register Here

About VergeOS: 
VergeIO is the Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company. Unlike hyperconverged
infrastructure (HCI), it rotates the traditional IT stack (compute, storage, and networking)
into an integrated data center operating system, VergeOS. Its efficiency enables greater
workload density on the same hardware with high levels of data resiliency. The result is
dramatically lower costs and greatly simplified IT.

Media Contact:
Judy Smith, JPR Communications

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