IT Services Leader CCSI Upgrades In-house Tech with Leostream and VergeIO

BOSTON – June 18, 2024 IT service provider Cloud Compliance Solutions, Inc. (CCSI) has upgraded its infrastructure with technology from Leostream Corporation, creator of the world-leading Leostream® Remote Desktop Access Platform, and VergeIO, the leading VMware alternative, resulting in significant cost savings, optimized hardware use, and enhanced operational efficiency, the companies announced today.

Founded in 2017, CCSI provides its clients with a complete suite of cloud-related IT and compliance services. As a single provider offering both critical services, CCSI delivers more accurate and cost-effective IT and compliance solutions that significantly reduce its clients’ operational and audit costs.

CCSI opted to replace VMware due to significant challenges, including affordability, scaling and performance for its multi-tenant platform that provides its clients Desktop as a Service (DaaS)/Next-Gen DaaS (NGDaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). CCSI’s growth had surpassed VMware’s capabilities, and it needed an option that could support denser environments with more powerful servers. Strategically, CCSI had concerns about VMware’s new licensing costs and models that required substantial upfront commitments and the uncertain future of VMware Horizon.

The transition to VergeIO and Leostream has transformed CCSI’s service portfolio, enabling it to offer more robust and scalable services with superior DaaS/NGDaaS, IaaS and DRaaS. With CCSI competing with providers like AWS and Azure, the upgrade allows it to remain price-competitive and provide better service and support.

“VergeOSs multi-tenant virtual data center technology and Leostream’s virtual desktop platform have empowered CCSI to provide customers with fundamentally better performance and efficiency,” said Kelley Allen, CCSI CEO. “This project exemplifies CCSI’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction with high-quality, affordable, and reliable IT solutions.”

The phased upgrade began with DaaS/NGDaaS and Leostream for remote desktop services including resource allocation, access control, and policy enforcement. In addition to secure user profile management and support for nearly all end-user devices and display protocols,the combined solution delivered on its promise of increased performance: boot times have dropped to seconds instead of minutes.

Next, CCSI shifted its IaaS offerings to VergeIO to create multi-tenant virtual data centers (VDC), which allows customers to manage the VDC as if it were on-premises technology, with CCSI as backup IT support. While CCSI is a de-facto IT team for many customers with limited or no full-time IT staff, VergeIO’s VDC technology allows CCSI to attract new clients whose IT teams want more control over their infrastructure.

The third phase, also enabled by VergeIO, expanded and simplified CCSI’s DRaaS capability so customers with on-premises IT infrastructure can fail over to CCSI’s infrastructure in a disaster. VergeOS VDC technology seamlessly replicates all components to ensure a successful recovery in CCSI’s data center.

“When industry-leading IT experts like CCSI choose your product for their own internal use, and to deploy to customers, it is the highest possible endorsement,” said Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO. “This joint infrastructure combining Leostream and VergeIO has been battle-tested in multiple enterprises and we believe it’s the strongest, most feature-rich alternative to VMware, ESXi, and Horizon available today.”

“CCSI’s new architecture will provide long-term cost savings, starting with reduced upfront license costs, maintaining its existing investment in hardware, and enabling more virtual machines and desktops per physical server,” said Yan Ness, CEO of VergeIO. “More importantly, this modernized desktop, infrastructure, and disaster recovery platform has expanded what the company is able to offer its own clients, to truly do more for less.”

If you’re considering a VMware exit, we have the perfect opportunity for you to talk to someone who has made the journey. CCSI is joining VergeIO and Leostream for a live conversation with IT professionals about their switch from VMware to VergeIO/Leostream software on June 27th at 1:00pm EST. Register Here.

The Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform for hosted desktops and workstations offers a comprehensive solution for remote access to maintain productivity, control costs, and ensure security with strict authentication and authorization built on zero-trust concepts. Its connection management system eliminates clunky corporate VPNs with an ultra-efficient gateway that gives users access to only the specific resources they have permission to use, automatically, regardless of their location or device. The Leostream Platform shines even in environments that rely on complex, specialty applications like energy and science; large files such as media and entertainment; real-time performance like financial services; and bulletproof network security like government and defense.

About VergeIO

VergeIO is the leading VMware Alternative. Unlike hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), its ultraconverged infrastructure (UCI) rotates the traditional IT stack (computing, storage, and networking) into an integrated data center operating environment, VergeOS. Its efficiency enables greater workload density using existing hardware while improving data resiliency. The result is dramatically lower costs, improved availability, and greatly simplified IT.

About Leostream
The Leostream Remote Desktop Access Platform embodies over 20 years of Leostream research and development in supporting customers with hosted desktop environments, including VDI, hybrid cloud, and high-performance display protocols. It provides the world’s most robust desktop connection management and remote access feature set, allowing today’s enterprises to choose the best-of-breed components to satisfy their complex security, cost, and flexibility needs while working with them as they evolve into tomorrow.

Leostream is a registered trademark of Leostream Corporation in the United States. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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