Getting Relief from Open Stack Complexity

By Verge.IO

I read that there are 21 million cores running Open Stack clouds.

That’s a lot of workloads.

Lately we’ve been hearing that IT leaders are struggling to find Open Stack (and other) cloud engineers. The complexity of deploying, sizing and maintaining an OpenStack environment often requires an outsourcing partner (there are many…for a reason), hiring an expensive staff with certifications or investing in staff training.

Has OpenStack become too complex?

OpenStack is now 20 million lines of code added incrementally, over time, to address yet another layer of virtualization.  It’s a really cool product, but I wonder if it’s gotten too complex. And I doubt it’ll fit well for the workloads of the future – workloads that will run everywhere, outside the cloud, and to the edge itself, often with no staff around

To run those workloads, and to lighten the staffing challenges of OpenStack (and other technologies) we will all need a thin single piece of software that abstracts the entire data center, runs on commodity x86 hardware and can be managed by an IT generalist. That’s what we built at VergeIO. In only 300,000 lines of code we’ve virtualized the entire data center allowing you to run workloads outside the cloud with few staff.

Take VergeIO for a test drive today and see what software can feel like with VergeIO!

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