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Whiteboard Wednesday: VMware Disaster and Ransomware Recovery—The Three NEW Best Practices

Disasters and Ransomware attacks continue to increase in number and severity. Get Prepared!

Join VergeIO’s Director of Development, Paul Hodges, Jeffrey Campbell, Customer Success Manager, and George Crump, CMO, as they map out three new best practices for rapidly recovering from a ransomware attack using our virtual whiteboard technology.


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The Three New Best Practices for VMware and Ransomware Disaster Recovery:

  1. Prepare for Server, Data and Site Disasters
  2. Focus on Applications not Just Data
  3. Continuously Drive Down Costs

The team will also discuss how VergeIO customers have used VergeOS to recover from disasters and ransomware attacks without disrupting the business.

Event Details: Live on Wednesday, April 12th
1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

About Our Speakers

  • Paul Hodges has been with VergeIO since its inception and is one of the company’s lead developers. His team is responsible for making a recovery from disaster or ransomware attacks as seamless as possible.
  • Jeffrey Campbell runs VergeIO’s Customer Success team and has first-hand experience helping customers recover from disasters and ransomware attacks.
  • George Crump before joining VergeIO, was an IT Analyst for 15 years and spent five years leading TechTarget’s SearchStorage and SearchDisasterRecovery workshops, training IT professionals worldwide to develop fully functioning disaster recovery plans.