Three IT Infrastructure Questions IT Leaders Must Answer in 2023


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About this webinar

IT infrastructures are undergoing dramatic changes. Companies are planning or executing their public cloud strategy while trying to bring a more cloud-like experience on-premises. At the same time, many organizations must develop an Edge Strategy to improve data collection and speed decision-making. The choices available and the weight of the decisions make 2023 a pivotal year for IT infrastructure. 

Join VergeIO for our live webinar to learn the three most critical infrastructure questions IT leaders must answer in 2023:

1. Is the Public Cloud my best choice?

2. Why has HCI not delivered operational efficiencies and cost savings?

3. What’s my Edge strategy?

IT leaders struggle with public cloud strategies rolling out too slowly, entirely stalled, or even abandoned. Others are disappointed with the cost and performance of migrated workloads. As a result, they are looking for alternatives to the Public Cloud. 

Given the Public Cloud challenges, most IT leaders will continue to invest in their on-premises data centers and are looking for ways to improve efficiencies while reducing costs. Hyper-converged Infrastructures (HCI) were supposed to be the answer, but their inability to scale and address multiple workloads has kept most HCI implementations isolated to a single use case. HCI was supposed to consolidate. Instead, it has become yet another silo to manage.

Finally, IT leaders need to decide on an Edge strategy. Edge computing enables organizations to process data closer to its source and speed decision-making. Small-footprint computing power is readily available but harnessing it so that central IT can rapidly provision it and remotely manage it is critical for Edge success. 

Join VergeIO’s CEO, Yan Ness, for our live webinar, “Three IT Infrastructure Questions IT Leaders Must Answer in 2023,” as he discusses each infrastructure decision point. 


  • How to determine if the public cloud is the right choice for you
  • How to create a more fluid, operationally efficient data center
  • How to create the ideal Edge strategy for your organization