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Overcome The Not-So-Magnificent Seven IT Challenges

On-Demand Webinar:

According to the latest DCIG report, small to medium-sized data centers must overcome seven challenges to keep pace with the demands of their organizations.

During the webinar, experts from DCIG and VergeIO reviewed each of the seven challenges facing small to medium-sized data centers and discuss how modern infrastructure, like hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and ultraconverged infrastructure (UCI), can solve the current challenges IT organizations face, including limited resources, management complexity, and providing IT services at the Edge.

By watching the on-demand webinar you will learn how to overcome

The Not-So-Magnificent Seven using UCI

  1. Decreasing Budgets
  2. Limited Resources
  3. Aging Hardware
  4. Ransomware Threats
  5. Complexity
  6. Massive Data Growth
  7. IT services at the Edge
Ultraconverged Infrastructure for Medium Sized Data Centers

We will also discuss the DCIG evaluation of fifteen HCI/UCI software solutions and how they narrowed down that list to the Top 5. VergeIO will then discuss UCI and how it differentiates from HCI.


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  • Review of the Seven Challenges Facing Small to Medium-Sized Data Centers
  • Why Converged Infrastructure Software (HCI/UCI) is ideal for addressing these challenges
  • DCIG evaluation of HCI/UCI current software solutions
  • How HCI/UCI addresses each challenge
  • Q&A session

Duration: 60 minutes

Target audience

IT leaders, CIOs, IT administrators, infrastructure managers, and anyone interested in understanding how HCI software can solve current IT challenges.


  • Todd Dorsey, Senior Storage Analyst, DCIG
  • Ken Clipperton, Principal Storage Analyst & Partner, DCIG
  • George Crump, CMO, Verge.io