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How to Eliminate the Data Center Scale Problem


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About this webinar

The source of data center complexity is the inability to efficiently scale the three data center tiers (compute, storage, and networking). The lack of an inefficient scaling within each tier forces IT to create workload-based silos, each with its own compute layer and storage layer. Each new workload typically requires new compute, storage and networking. Virtualization and later hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) attempted to solve complexity, but both ran into the scale problem.

VergeIO’s VergeOS solves the scale problem and opens a pathway to data center simplification while lowering IT spending. 

Join us for our live webinar, “How to Eliminate the Data Center Scale Problem,” to learn the critical architectural capabilities required to eliminate the scale problem.

  1. Abstract physical resources (compute, storage and networking) from a cluster of dissimilar midrange servers into a global pool
  2. Instead of creating virtual machines, create virtual data centers to surgically provide those resources, ensuring workload-specific service quality.
  3. Integrate storage into the operating environment, leveraging global deduplication that doesn’t impact performance, enabling a significant reduction in storage spending while increasing data protection.
  4. Integrate these capabilities into a single piece of software, creating a cohesive data center operating environment.