Leostream integrates with VergeIO for highly compliant remote desktops

Leostream and VergeIO announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining the world class desktop-connection management platform provided by Leostream with VergeIO’s leading software defined data center solutions.

With remote desktop solutions playing an increasingly critical role in enabling flexible and hybrid workplaces, organizations recognize the need to stay compliant and secure while connecting users to corporate resources. The Leostream/VergeIO partnership brings together a virtual desktop offering comprised of best-of-breed components that satisfy complex security and flexibility needs.

Through the partnership, Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) gain the benefits of having a complete data center virtualization solution (including the network, compute, storage, and applications) to host virtual desktops alongside all of the controls and oversight necessary to properly manage large-scale deployments.

With a focus on security, VergeIO meets major compliance requirements including HIPAA and CUI. Security measures can further be enhanced through the Leostream Platform™ which provides a variety of ways for authenticating users into virtual desktops as well as overseeing and auditing remote sessions.

“Across many industries, compliance is the top priority when it comes to centrally hosting corporate resources in the data center or in the cloud,” comments Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream. “Our partnership with VergeIO offers a new way for our customers to meet high-level compliance requirements as well as address the nitty gritty details that come along with managing a secure desktop environment.”  

Aimed at reducing costs and simplifying desktop provisioning, Leostream and VergeIO are offering a unique integration with the following benefits:

-Automation that is designed to minimize expenditure by ensuring infrastructure is only consumed when a desktop is in demand.

-More flexibility and less time spent on administrative tasks using bulk customizations to mass provision purpose-built virtual machines.

-The ability to achieve a variety of workflows, including those that target compliance requirements

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Leostream on enabling secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and hosted resources,” adds Yan Ness, CEO at VergeIO. “Organizations can reduce risk by taking advantage of our combined solutions and rest assured knowing that they have the tools at their disposal to adhere to compliance requirements and streamline the day-to-date security tasks.”

PRESS CONTACT: Randy Foster, [email protected]
About Leostream
Leostream provides the critical remote desktop connection management technology required for organizations to build successful large-scale remote access solutions. The Leostream Platform supports customers with hosted desktop environments, including VDI, hybrid cloud, and high-performance display protocols. To learn more, visit www.leostream.com.

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