CIOs seek to reduce or halt cloud spending per Venture Beat

By Verge.IO

According to a new study from Wanclouds, 81% of IT leaders say their C-suite has directed them to reduce or take no additional cloud spending as costs skyrocket…

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The HCI Disaster Recovery Problem

While hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) catches the attention of many IT professionals, the HCI Disaster Recovery problem, while seldom talked about, could be its greatest weakness. Proper HCI protection and disaster recovery typically require a separate infrastructure with its own software and hardware. This requirement complicates a critical process, creating a high risk of failure while […]
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The Full Value of Scale

For data centers, realizing the full value of scale requires a single infrastructure that can scale in multiple dimensions and address multiple use cases. Customers today can select a legacy, single-dimension, scale-out strategy like hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). However, they then experience scale-out sprawl because they need a scale-out architecture for production applications, a scale-out architecture […]
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Scaling Infrastructure in Three Dimensions

Scaling infrastructure in three dimensions lowers the cost of equipping, operating, and upgrading the data center. The problem is that traditional three-tier (compute, storage and networks) can’t scale beyond a single silo. IT professionals will also find that even hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) falls short if they measure its scaling capabilities against all three dimensions. Ultraconverged […]
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