About Us

Software defined

Verge.io is a software company founded and operated by people who are passionate about creating better IT through software. Our product is Verge-OS, and it is going to change the way you think about the software defined data center.

Leading a new evolution

Verge-OS is the first step in a new evolution of the data center where abstraction replaces optimization. Our software abstracts all of the data center functions from the underlying hardware with a single operating system.

Encapsulating the data center

Using commodity hardware, Verge-OS not only replaces the compute, storage, and networking silos of your current system, but it also encapsulates the entire data center into a virtual secure enclave that can be cloned and nested with a few simple clicks. Data centers within data centers. Yes, it is possible.

Our Vision

To serve those who make the world a better place through their application of data.


Data centers are among the top producers of carbon globally. Verge-OS enables data centers to use less hardware, reducing energy consumption and physical footprint.