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Managed Service Providers

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Of all the near-term challenges that MSPs are facing, security, multi-cloud adoption, and breadth of service offering consistently rank among the top. Verge-OS is uniquely positioned to help with all three.

Multi-Cloud Adoption

Verge-OS provides a straightforward path toward becoming part of your customer’s multi-cloud strategy.

Multi-Cloud Ready

Verge-OS installs on bare metal hardware, simplifying the creation of on-prem, edge, private, and public clouds. Quickly become part of your customers multi-cloud strategy by powering your MSP with Verge-OS.

expand service offering

Verge-OS instantly enables MSPs to expand their service offering with security as top-priority.



Verge-OS provides a single security footprint that acts as a crypto verified firmware. Not only does this minimize risk, but also provides zero-downtime, verified updates.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery are native features in Verge-OS, which allows you to launch these services with nearly 100% gross margin.


Using pre-audited data center recipes, instantly deploy compliant virtual data centers for your customers with minimal operational impact to your MSP.

Increase EBITDA and FCF

Verge-OS substantially reduces the capital and operational costs driving EBITDA and FCF.

Capital Expense Savings

Using inexpensive commodity hardware coupled with extending the useful life of existing hardware, Verge-OS reduces capital outlay by as much as 65% for a direct and positive impact to your MSP’s EBITDA.

Operational Expense Savings

Through automation and the simplification of data center functions, Verge-OS reduces operational expenses by as much as 75%, increasing your MSP’s free cash flow.