verge-os overview

Our solution begins with commodity hardware and Verge-OS installed on each server. Verge-OS then connects and pools all the raw resources and presents them as your core virtual data center.

From the core virtual data center, the virtual resources can be provisioned to create self-contained, tenant virtual datacenters, each completely isolated and secure.

Verge-OS is a unified and entirely integrated solution for network, compute, storage, and nested multi-tenancy tenancy.


Network Features

Includes a full network management stack that goes beyond virtual switch management. Each network includes an integrated firewall and common network services. External and internal network management includes a NAT/PAT rules engine, throughput and packet rate throttling, and real-time and historical metrics.


Compute Features

Built in hypervisor based on QEMU/KVM supports Linux and Windows guests. Zero downtime is enabled with live migration. Delivers bare metal-like performance that is easy to manage with automated VM snapshot & retention services.


Storage Features

Our virtual SAN was built from the ground up for the sole purpose of providing scale out storage services for virtual machines and NAS volumes. Similar to blockchain technology, our vSAN guarantees data integrity through the use of cryptographic hashes. Multiple tiers of storage can be optimized for any workload and include NVMe, SSD and HDD. A rich set of enterprise storage services includes snapshots, high availability, disaster recovery, global in-line deduplication and more.

Nested Multi-Tenancy

Nested Multi-Tenancy Features

Verge-OS is the only solution that provides securely nested multi-tenancy. This tenancy model provides dedicated data center level instances. The architecture is designed from the lowest level for building secure enclaves to isolate tenants without dedicated physical hardware. Each tenant has its own user managed compute, storage and networking resources.

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