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Enterprise Outlook

“By 2025, 85% of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, colocation, cloud and edge delivery options, compared with 20% in 2020.” – Gartner

Multi-cloud strategy

Verge-OS provides a straightforward path toward creating a data center strategy focused on your workloads rather than physical location.

Multi-Cloud Ready

Verge-OS installs on bare metal hardware, simplifying the creation of on-prem and edge private clouds. Our public cloud partners serve to complete the overall multi-cloud strategy.

Unified User Experience

Verge-OS addresses the challenge of managing a multi-cloud environment by providing a single user experience across all cloud instances.

Simplified Operations

With Verge-OS, virtual data centers are easy to stand up and manage. Many of the operational processes that once took hours or days to complete are reduced to a few simple clicks.


Using pre-audited data center recipes, create compliant virtual data centers that can be nested and organized to suit any organizational structure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Verge-OS enables disaster recovery and backup without the need for third-party solutions. Failover is as simple as switching over to the secondary environment. 



Verge-OS standardizes security across all workloads and provides a singular focus for security audit requirements.


Entire virtual data centers can be cloned instantly for testing purposes, eliminating any downtime or associated risk to production environments.

cost reductions

Verge-OS substantially reduces capital and operational costs associated with deploying and operating virtual data centers.

Capital Expense Savings

Using inexpensive commodity hardware, Verge-OS reduces capital outlay by as much as 65% versus a traditional stack architecture.

Extend Hardware Useful Life

Verge-OS enables the allocation of specific workloads to aging hardware, maximizing utilization and useful life without sacrificing performance.

Operational Expense Savings

Through automation and the simplification of data center functions, Verge-OS reduces operational expenses by as much as 75%.