Mike Wall is a hi-tech executive with a history of leading the introduction of new technologies that have changed the landscape of high performance computing, server and storage solutions.  Wall was Chairman & CEO of Amplidata. During his tenure at Amplidata, he transformed the company into the world’s leading object storage software company and led its eventual sale to Western Digital in March 2015.

Prior to Amplidata, Wall was CEO of storage innovator Atempo (acquired by Allen Systems Group). As General Manager of Intel’s Storage Group, Wall led the industry’s transition from special purpose hardware to systems designed with commodity microprocessors and chipsets.

Wall also served as General Manager of Intel’s Supercomputer Systems Division, where he led the introduction of Intel’s X86 architecture into the high performance computing market. These systems were the predecessors of enterprise servers and workstations deployed throughout the world today.

Currently, Mike sits on the boards of Reduxio, Axellio and Mach Networks and is a board advisor at Verge.IO and RackTop Systems.