Easily Scaled

Verge-OS was built around addressing the complexities of scale. Simply add more disks or another server to your cluster and Verge-OS will gracefully distribute your data to the added storage as a background process.

Global inline deduplication

Data is not just deduplicated on individual VM’s or on a tenant by tenant basis, but every block that resides on the entire environment.

Silent corruption detection/correction

The vSAN stores a checksum of every block of data that is written to it.  When that data is read, it is verified for integrity.  This technique protects against silent corruption and bit rot.  In the event of finding a bad block of data, our intelligent algorithm will check for redundant copies locally within the system.  If that block of data cannot be found, DR/Backup sites will be checked in real time, and the data block will be retrieved and repaired seamlessly without user interaction with no down time.

Optimized remote synchronization

Leverage deduplication at not just one site, but across sites as well. If the destination site receiving your backups already has 90% of the same blocks of data, Verge-OS knows to only send those differentiating blocks. 

Automated health scanning

Verge-OS actively monitors the state of an entire environment for any possible HW and SW issues to ensure business continuity.

Multiple tiers of storage including: NVMe, SSD, and HDD

Storage tiering allows for the flexibility to mix and match drive types within a single, full integrated environment. Simply select the tier where you would like your data to reside.

High performance

Use commodity grade hardware and achieve Enterprise level performance by leveraging Verge-OS one of a kind storage technology.

256bit Data At Rest Encryption

Verge supports AES 256bit encryption for all your data on install.

Instananeous Snapshoting/Cloning

Take or restore snapshots of your entire environment, tenant, or virtual machines without the waiting.  There is no need to consolidate disk images or store differentials as our Verge-OS does this for you.