Non-disruptive rolling update process

Verge-OS is able to gracefully migrate workloads from node to node during updates to ensure no downtime while automating the entire process.

Live maintenance

Enable maintenance mode on a node to gracefully migrate workloads to another space in the cluster while performing hardware maintenance.

Secure OS Firmware, ensures security and version continuity across servers

Verge-OS installation acts as a firmware for the drives participating in an environment and take the reins in ensuring data integrity and business continuity. 

Automated install supports PXE network

Verge-OS implements a PXE network for expanding installations; allowing for quick and easy scalability of your physical environment.

Linux-based kernel

Verge-OS is leverages the familiar Linux-kernel at its core to get the best hardware compatibility.

Latest hardware compatibility

We ensure that you are always up to date with the latest hardware support via active updates of Verge-OS.

Secure, console-less administration

Leverage automation within Verge-OS to schedule tasks and functions without ever needing to login.