Built-in web-based firewall

Plug your ISP directly in the back of a Verge-OS powered environment for everything from DDOS protection, Authorative DNS, and much more! Your own fully integrated firewall. 

Integrated VPN – IPsec and WireGuard

Connect remote sites securely with Verge-OS integrated VPN technologies. 

External/internal network management

Ingest network segments external to Verge-OS by passing layer 2 traffic into the platform, or leverage our network encapsulation to internally create as many isolated internal virtual networks as you need.

NAT/PAT rules engine

Create and manage all of your network rules and routing.

Throughput and packet rate throttling

Provide QOS on an environment to environment basis. 

Real-time and historical metrics

Monitor and review all network activity within each and every virtual datacenter.

External network management for: BGP, OSPF, vLAN, vXLAN

Empower your DR strategies by using BGP or OSPF protocols built directly into Verge-OS.

Per Network DHCP/DNSserver, IP address management, authoritative DNS

Every network created within Verge-OS allows for a rich feature set of routing and controls. 

Isolated secure networks/nested tenants

Every network and tenant becomes its own, isolated enclave.