Multi-tenant/cluster/site platform

Verge-OS allows for the limitless deployment of secure, virtual datacenters on your own hardware leveraging your available RAM, CPU, and storage resources.

Create multiple virtual data centers

You are free to create virtual datacenters, within virtual datacenters with the Verge-OS. Each SDDC can be just as secure as the last.

Intuitive web-based dashboard

Verge’s UI is HTML based, allowing your environment to be accessed via any network connected device including tablet or phone.

Recipe engine

Automate the creation of not just virtual machines, but entire virtual datacenters. Deploy instantly a SDDC with your network, VM’s, users and controls all in place and ready to go.

Monitoring, managing & alerting

Full transparency is given to you within your datacenter. Verge-OS logs all activity at the infrastructure level; from user activity down to each individual piece of hardware such as CPU stats and disk wear levels. 

Statistics & accounting

Reports and stat tracking for all your hardware and virtual datacenter utilization. 

Rest-like API

Verge-OS allows for any function that is done within the UI, to be leveraged via our own rest-like API.