Built-in hypervisor (QEMU/KVM)

Verge-OS is a type 1 hypervisor based on the QEMU/KVM hypervisor technology

Supports Linux and Windows guests

Migrate your VM’s into the Verge hypervisor comfortably; Verge-OS is optimized for linux and windows guests, but can run any x86 based OS.

Live migration – zero downtime

Migrate small data sets all the way to entire SDDC’s on the fly, with zero downtime. 

Web-based machine management

Manage all your virtual machines and datacenters via Verge’s intuitive HTML interface. 

Web console with KVM/audio support

Connect directly to the keyboard, mouse, and monitor of your VMs directly in the web interface. No need to RDP or use another external client.

Bare metal-like performance

Get the performance out of your virtual machines as if you are running directly on bare metal

Automated VM snapshot & retention

Configure snapshot policies to whatever schedule needed, and sit back while Verge-OS ensures the integrity of your data